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Originally Posted by Apollo View Post
How do you think players from, for example, German s1, who have been playing for 7-8 years, would feel when they had to spend 5 hours a day for 8 years to get where they are now, while people starting now only take 2 hours a day to do all the thirst?
As a no-shroomer I think that the thirst duration is just fine as it is now. I dont have extra money to spend on a browser game but the amount of thirst there is atm. is just fine for me to have fun completely for free.

And if you are a shroomer or not ... well ... that is completely up to YOU ! Nobody forced you to use 320 thirst every single day. You made that choice by yourself. This game is a "PayToWin" from the beginning ... and making the game monotonous and time consuming in exchange for being on the top of the Hall of Fame was your choice as well.

But to the topic ... The logic is the same as if you were saying that few ears ago it was more difficult to complete dungeons than it is now (you know ... toilet aura, gems, gladiator, pets, portal bonuses, enchantments, blacksmith bonuses) so you stop playing the game because this guy had cleared the 13. dungeon 50 levels earlier than you have ... The game is evolving and with more and more updates there are more and more changes EVEN for the smaller levels that don't seem "fair" for someone ... but that's how it is.