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Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
I don't agree with this reasoning at all.
First of all, this is just a suggestion thread, so who knows what playa will actually do.
But the reasoning is simple, if playa introduces quest time reduction, they probably conect it to some content (eg a Dungeon/portal) because otherwise it would be a waste of potential.
Also playa generates a lot of money through server launches, giving all players just a 50% quest-time reduction could/would f*ck with that business model.
Playa can be sure that someone who plays the game for 3 to 9 years woundnt just quit the game or spend less money just because he/she doesnt has to waste 5 hours a day anymore.
and also leveling is not that hard, eg:
(casual shrommer) lvl 300 in 113 days (start 21.03.2016; lvl300 11.07.2016) Link
(675 mushrooms bought) lvl 300 in 149 days (start 1.5.2016; lvl300 29.9.2016) Link
(3600 mushrooms bought) lvl 400 in 584 days (start 01.05.2016; lvl 400 6.12.2017) Link
(no mushrooms bought) lvl 300 in 275 days (start 15.9.2016; lvl 300 17.6.2017) Link

w23 launched 61 days ago, the level highest is lvl303
w24 launched 25 days ago, the level highest is lvl254
s38DE launched 11 days ago, the level highest is lvl240

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