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And why does the game get monotonous? Because,

1. There's nothing to do besides thirst
2. People don't get motivated when all they have to do every day is spend 5 hours on a computer doing 320 thirst.

This time reduction wouldn't take the monotony away; but it would help high players not get so bored (what do you prefer as an high level player, waste 5 hours or 2 and an half?).

But here it is: till a certain stage of the game, it's not monotonous. I wasn't bored at level 30, 50, 100, 200, 270. I am bored now, or maybe since lvl 325. Which means that I need that time reduction NOW because I'm not motivated at all to keep playing and spend 5 hours per day behind a computer.

About Hourglasses, I like that everyone can get it. That's like some kind of 'help' for players that, some days, can't stay 5 hours in a desk doing their thirst. But that's it, just some help, a small 'bonus'. Time reduction would be the ultimate reward.

How do you think players from, for example, German s1, who have been playing for 7-8 years, would feel when they had to spend 5 hours a day for 8 years to get where they are now, while people starting now only take 2 hours a day to do all the thirst?