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i think we deviate from the main topic, the point never was the level requirement of that non-existing dungeon/portal.

my main reasoning was, that if that feature would be introduced through a dungeon/portal, it would be placed in the shadow-world. not because i love the shadow-world so much, but because it is the only free space left (in the light- and the shadow-world), the 15th dungeon recently replaced the exit portal, because there was so little space left.

i actually dont care what level would be the requirement,
but to get the first key to the shadow-world you need to be at least lvl125.
and still reaching lvl 300 is possible in less then 4 months.

theoretically if it is a time rift/portal, maybe it would make sense that you could find "the key" to that "time rift" during a time-machine quest,
like gem mine 10 was the requirement for the underworld.

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